Good Time Gals

Professionally trained dancers perform original production routines in many eye-catching costumes to a Country & Western theme.

Curriculum Vitae




Why not employ our bubbly experienced "Line Dance Caller" Yvonne, to really get the "joint jumping"?  

We specialise in FUN, SIMPLE dances anyone can pick up, drunk or sober!

Duration of shows:
1) Good Time Gals
 - 2 x 15min spots.
2) Yvonne Line Dancing
 - 2 x 30min or 40min or to suit.
3) Yvonne and The Good Time Gals (our most popular show). This can be a one-hour continuous show, or 2 x 40min etc.. This combines our electric production routines (with many stunning costume changes) with Yvonne and the Line Dancing. Our girls assist teaching and demonstrating the Line Dances, thus encouraging people to join in, and then burst into their own dances.


Our combined show has proven to be very popular this year at Army, RAF & Naval bases all over the UK and at various corporate events.